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JUDOKICKBOX is a new and practical mixed martial art, founded in Miami, Florida, in 2002 by Carlos Finales 1st Dan black belt in Judo, Karate, Kickboxing. and specialist in self-defense, also co-founded by Eric “El Tigre” Castaños 5th Dan Kickboxing black belt, Ex-World Champion of Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Judokickbox combines two martial arts, such as judo and kickboxing, and one combat sport like boxing. The combination of judo, kickboxing, and boxing created a new and powerful style of mixed martial art — Judokickbox, also known as “JKB”.  JKB was created with many fundamental objectives, but one of its main objectives is to offer JKB to anyone from beginners to professionals of martial arts and combat sports.  We also focused on teaching JKB to people with physical disabilities, children, women, men, and the elderly, in general, all people who are mentally and psychologically healthy, will be able to enjoy the benefits of JKB. JKB will help raise your self-esteem and feed your fighting spirit to defend yourself and your family. JKB will increase your physical and mental level, and as a result, your overall health will increase positively.

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Personal Training is a great way to hone your skills. Our instructors will tailor each class according to your needs and goals.


A healthy body gives you the freedom to move from day-to-day well-being. You will find yourself with more energy, and your quality of life will increase. You will see a boost in your confidence. Give us a try!


Self-defense classes will teach you how to react and protect yourself from a dangerous situation. It will prepare you to be self-aware of your environment and increase your self-confidence when in the streets. Our instructors’ goal is to build your confidence and teach you the necessary skills to protect yourself and others.


“I was never really into martial arts before, but JKB changed my perspective completely. The combination of judo and kickboxing is great because it makes you well rounded and teaches you how to fight on and off the ground. Michael and Eliecer are amazing teachers and I would recommend their classes to anyone, regardless of whether you are a pro or a beginner”

Emmanuel S

“The decision to join this sport was a bit impulsive but I am so glad I did. Every week I find myself looking forward to class and excited to learn new skills. The teachers are extremely helpful and encouraging. I have also found that my mental health has improved just from the fact that I am exercising consistently. Overall I am super happy!!”

Maria V.





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